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  • Size: 1.04"w x 2.49"h, Weight: 45g
  • Lemurian Dauphiné Quartz 
  • Location: Colombia




Lemurian Quartz is valued for its purity, distinctive appearance and rarity. We have a few Lemurian Quartz crystals with the rare Dauphiné  habit termination. The Dauphiné habit (shape) indicates that as the crystal was forming, a small amount of fine material (positively charged Silicon ions) precipitated on one side of the crystal more so than on the opposite side, causing one side of the crystal to grow slightly faster than the other. The faster a crystal grows, the smaller the crystal tends to be. So in the case of Dauphiné habits, the slower growing side has shiny, larger crystal faces while the faster growing side has smaller faces and a surface coated with small crystals. This indicates that the Dauphiné crystal's orientation is sensitive but more powerful in one direction than a more regular, unform crystal would be.  

Lemurian Dauphiné Handheld Quartz, Colombia, 45 gram

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