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  • Lemurian Handheld Quartz
  • Size: 0.62"w x 2.40"h 
  • Weight: 16g (80 ct)
  • Location: Colombia



These crystals offer a connection with the innate feminine wisdom and intuition of ancient Lemuria. Colombia offers the most pristine and sought-after Lemurian crystals known, but they exist in finite quantities. Minas Gerais, Brazil is known worldwide for its Quartz and Amethyst, and there are a select few locations in these mountains that have produced very high quality Lemurian Quartz.


With some experience it is possible to distinguish not only a Lemurian Quartz crystal from other high quality quartz crystals, but also their Columbian origin. While some practitioners use high quality quartz universally for meditative and cleansing purposes, others will insist on Lemurian Quartz exclusively. Some use both types, each for different purposes.


In this crystal you can see tiny seedling Lemurian crystals that began to grow within. Whenever this happens, it is an indication the crystal is supersaturated with energy.

Lemurian Quartz, Colombia, 16 grams

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