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Return & Exchange Policy


If orders must be canceled, please do so before the order ships.  Spaid ♤ Crystals will not cancel orders that have been shipped; they will need to be returned.  Please contact us within 24 hours for a cancellation as most orders ship within 48 hours.



Spaid ♤ Crystals provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our crystals and gems. You can return any order in good condition for any item of equal value for exchange at any time at your discretion. 

Please do not leave neutral or negative feedback without giving us a chance to make things right if something goes awry - Crystal people are happy people, and we will make sure your experience with us keeps that energy.



Other companies have a time limit for an exchange. Spaid ♤ Crystals does not. You should be happy with your purchase, no matter what. If not, let us know and we will work with you on an exchange for something you will be happy with. No two crystals are identical unless they’re synthetic, and no one wants synthetic crystals. We will do our best to provide you with an exchange of something that is as close as possible to your original purchase. Photographs do so much!



If you return an item for an exchange, everything must be well packed. This means the bubble wrap, the shredded cardboard, the tissue paper, those little annoying, staticky styrofoam peanut things, the original box (if possible), and/or any other packing materials that can protect your gems in transit should be used. Boxes yes, envelopes… no. Never trust an envelope by itself, bubbled or not, to be able to protect the crystal(s) contained within through the postal sorting and stacking process. 

You must include a copy of the original invoice so we can correctly identify you and your purchase and properly exchange the item(s). 

This should be a given, but we’ll mention it anyway: The returned order must be received in the same condition in which you received it. If the returned order arrives back to us broken or damaged due to less than careful, attentive re-packaging, your order will not be eligible for exchange. 

Communication is a good thing. If you return an order without receiving the proper acknowledgement from us, your order will not be eligible for exchange. A photograph of what the item is/was like before it’s journey back to us helps us both.



If any item in your package arrives broken, please contact us immediately. You must include photographs of the invoice received in your package, and photos of any broken item(s).  If the shipping box/package has damage, NOTIFY YOUR SHIPPING COMPANY (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.) of the damaged delivery ASAP, and please let us know too. You must send photographs within 3 days of delivery. Communication is a good thing. Depending on the situation we will either provide you a return label for the broken item or provide additional instructions for your exchange.

As diligent as we are, we’re not yet perfect. Check your order when it arrives. If any items are missing you must contact us within 5 days and include a photograph of the invoice for your package, a photograph of the contents received, and clearly identify the missing item(s) from the order.


We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages, but we will do everything we can from our side with the United States Postal Service to help you locate your lost package. While most international packages arrive within 2 weeks, it can take much longer in some countries. Be aware that any international customs office can detain a package for up to 30 days, and right now shipping anything, especially overseas, takes way longer than it used to.


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