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  • Dauphiné Double Termination Lemurian Quartz
  • Size: 0.89"w x 2.24"h 
  • Weight: 28g (140 ct)
  • Location: Colombia



This particualar Colombian crystal has several positive, compounding characteristics. Lemurian Quartz is valued for its purity, abilities, distinctive appearance and rarity. The Dauphiné crystal's orientation is sensitive, but tends to be more powerful in one direction than a more unform crystal would be. This crystal is a Double Dauphiné, which quite recently some have found useful for purposes that necessitate not only double the frequency of a single Lemurian crystal but amplified in the direction the user chooses to focus. 

Lemurian Dauphiné Double Termination Quartz, Colombia 28 grams

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