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  • Pendant comes with an 18" Sterling Silver chain with Lobster Clasp
  • This Lilac Kunzite crystal measures  0.59"w x 1.08"h x 0.28"d
  • Handcrafted sterling silver wire wrap
  • Kunzite Crystal Origin:  Western Himalayas, Kunar Valley, Afghanistan


These Lilac Kunzite crystals are of exceptional quality. Kunzite is a heart based crystal that encourages communication between the mind and the heart, and enhances the energy of love. Kunzite vibration helps you to release negative feelings, anxiety and stress.


Kunzite is best worn in the evening. Store your Kunzite away from windows in the daytime, preferably in a closed jewelry box, to retain the best color.

Lilac Kunzite Crystal with Sterling Silver wire wrap

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